July 29 & 30, 2024!

CJ Regatta


Spectacular!! Awesome!! Thank You!!

Thank you one and all for helping to make the 16th Annual CJ Regatta, which was hosted be GBSA and EGYC on July 30-31,2018, at Goddard Park, such a success! Your time, assistance on land and on the water, loan of support boats (especially the Freedom Club Umpire Crew), and donations of cash and items for the raffle and awards, were invaluable. Your service as umpires, race committee members, coaches, registration pros (ladies in pink), and sandwich makers made the event run seamlessly.

By all reports, the regatta lived up to its reputation as one of the largest and most popular junior team races on the circuit. This recognition is largely due to the dedication, commitment, leadership and vision of Chief Racing Official, Justin Assad, and Chief Scoring Official, Kyle Assad, who have led the effort since the onset.

The regatta would not be possible without the contributions and hard work of all the volunteers (over 70 strong). These included many of CJ's former mates, friends and families, who return - year after year- to reconnect and lend assistance. Special appreciation to Chris Pearson who provides and updates the regatta website. Also to the Assad, Baeder, Langella, Millard and Murtha families (including Kim Murtha and 2 month old Hawley from St. Thomas). Also, the Coughlin, Elson, MacMillan and Wehr families.

This year, there was a full contingent of 24 teams, 72 boats, and 155 junior sailors from 17 states and the islands. There was a change of format and the single racing circle proved to be more efficient. Chief umpire, Clinton Hayes from Stanford, and his full crew of umpires kept the fast pace and nearly 200 races were completed over 2 days. Weather conditions were near perfect and each race became a duel of strategy and ability, like trying to outwit your opponent in a game of chess on the water .. Protests were settled on the spot and race results were provided on line in real time. After dinner, over 15 umpires and coaches, from college sailing programs around the country, were able to meet with the sailors and their parents and provide advice.

Christ Church #1 from VA, with only 1 loss, prevailed over The Antilles to win the Gold Fleet finale and become the Club 420 Jr. National Team Race Champions. The newbies from VMG Sailing Outfit came in third. All the top winners earned the coveted, colorful, embroidered belts (from Doyle Sails). Voted by their peers, the prestigious Sportsmanship Award ( customized shirts from Team One Newport and Ronstan watches) was presented to Saunderstown, RI. The Team Spirit Award (from Harken) was given to the victorious Christ Church #I Team, all decked out in puffy pastel shirts.

The mission of the regatta has always been to celebrate CJ's courage, spirit and love of sailing, especially the challenge and thrill of team racing, and to provide a memorable learning experience for participants through healthy competition. Revenue generated from the event is placed in the CJ Buckley Sailing Foundation which provides financial assistance to talented young sailors on Narragansett Bay based on merit and need.

Thank you again for helping to provide a spectacular event!! The energy, enthusiasm and joy of the participants speak to CJ's motto: "Sailing is life. The rest is just details."