Get Ready for 2024!

The Club 420 boats are to be located at Goddard Memorial Park 

Coach boats are kept at East Greenwich Yacht Club

For a map of the EGYC slip spaces Click Here

A Dock has 4 open slips, which can most likely hold 4 ribs each along with a section on the south side strip.
C dock  has 1 open slip that can be used and hold 4 Ribs.
E dock there is 1 slip that can also hold 4 ribs along with an open area on the south side of D. There are two Open slips on E dock that can each hold 4 Ribs.
F dock there is 1 open slip that can hold around 2, then pretty much the north side facing prime is fully open to the sail and can hold a lot of Ribs. .
    • C420 Trailers may be dropped off at Goddard Park’s beach parking lot beginning July 30, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.
    • Coach boats may be dropped off in the EGYC parking lot beginning July 30, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.
    • Coach boats will be launched at the East Greenwich Yacht Club.
  • C420 boats are launched off the beach at Goddard Park.

Goddard Memorial State Park
The Carousel
1095 Ives Road
East Greenwich, RI 02818

East Greenwich Yacht Club
10 Water Street
East Greenwich, RI 02818

The East Greenwich Yacht Club

10 Water Street, East Greenwich, RI 02818   

Phone: 401-884-7700  

EGYC Club web site Click Here


  • Office Manager Maggie Taft (401) 884-7700 Ext. 2
  • Steward Matt Voccio (401) 884-7700 Ext. 3